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The Abandoned Sewers Trial was newly revamped for Issue 12. The Trial now functions more like a Task Force, as other Trials do. It should also correctly require a team of Heroes between level 38 and 40, and auto-exemplar heroes over level 40. (Previously, only the leader had to be in this level range, and anyone from level 36 to level 50 could participate without sidekicking/exemplaring.)

The majority of the Trial is designed to take place in the Abandoned Sewer Network. The contact (Mairenn MacGregor) is located near the Atlas Park sewer entrance.


Defeat 100 Rikti to show Maren you're up to the task[]

Mission Briefing

Sure you look tough in that costume, but can you fight? Prove it. Go to the abandoned sewers and defeat 100 Rikti. Then we'll talk, hero.

Off you go. I'll be here, just waiting to be dazzled.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat aliens in abandoned sewers
    • Defeat 100 Rikti


Badge villain rikti Rikti


Well, I'll be. You survived the trenches. Good work, hero.

Contain the Hydra[]


All right. I'd say you're ready to take on the Hydra itself. Use this computer access code to unlock the maintenance room door. Once you're in, kill everything you see from top to bottom. And I mean everything. Remember, once activated, that door only stays open for 90 minutes, so don't play around.

I can give you one hint: check for Rikti crates. They're the key to your success. The Rikti have got some seriously funky technology for trying to keep the Hydra in check, so use it to your advantage.

You may be tough up here, but down there it's all about tactics and finding the right tool for the job.

I don't envy you on this one, ace. You'll have a hard fight. Remember, the Rikti crates are the key.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Use the access code to enter

Icon clue generic
Computer access code
This code will unlock the door to the maintenance room. Due to security precautions, the door will only remain open for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Access code accepted. Unlocking door. 90 minutes. Counting down...

Mission Objective(s)

The sewer pipes groan with strain. Something is growing in here.

  • Clean out the maintenance room - 1:30:00
    • Defeat the Hydra Head

You defeated the Hydra head!


Badge villain hydra Hydra
Badge villain rikti Rikti

Icon clue generic
Maintenance log
This maintenance log printed on bright yellow paper, is written in a shaky hand. It reads: 'Stick to the catwalks, we lost another worker today.'
Icon clue generic
Hydra Eye
This eye of the Hydra is now lifeless; nevertheless, it seems to glow with a faint, malevolent glint.

Opening some of the crates in the Sewers rewards the player that selected it the following clue and temporary power:

Icon clue generic
Thermite plasma gun schematics
This scrap of paper refers to the Rikti's powerful thermite plasma guns. It reads: '--severe damage to tentacles, possible tool for containment. Rikti technology at its fines--'
Temporary ConeRangeModerateDamage Thermite Cannon Ranged Cone, Moderate Damage over Time (Fire), Special Damage (Plasma) vs. Hydra Tentacle
The Thermite Plasma Cannon is a Rikti weapon. The Plasma is relatively cool, and only moderately dangerous. However, it has be discovered that Thermite Plasma is deadly to the Hydra. It is best to save the weapon's limited charges for defeating the Hydra.

Opening some of the crates in the Sewers rewards the player that selected it the following clue and temporary power:

Icon clue generic
Particle accelerator schematics
This torn shred of paper refers to the Rikti's particle accelerator weapons. It reads: 'Modified weaponry--the head is susceptible. Rikti transport technology will ensure--'
Temporary EMPGlove Particle Cannon Ranged Special vs. Hydra Head
The Particle Cannon is a heavy Rikti weapon that can reverse the polarity of of an entity brought through a dimensional rift, sending it back to its own universe. Against other targets, it has no effect. the particle cannon can send the Hydra Head back to its dimension. The particle beam is slow, and must be held on the target for a long time. The Particle Cannon has limited charges, so use it wisely.


Hey, you're back, A Hydra Eye? For me? How cool.

I'm glad to know you survived, and the Hydra is contained. For now, at least. I'm impressed and I don't impress easily.


  • The Head of the Hydra exploration badge is available in the maintenance room where the Hydra head is located.
Badge tourist 01 Head of the Hydra

The Hydra threatens Paragon City from the bowels of the sewer system.

  • The Charmer Badge is rewarded to heroes that successfully complete the Abandoned Sewers Trial.
Badge trial zone 01 Charmer

You have defeated the Hydra, a major threat to the sewer network of Paragon City.


All members of the mission must have reached level 38. All members over 40 will be exemplared to 40. A teleport-capable team member is strongly recommended.

After clearing 100 Rikti, gather at the entrance to the Hydra silo. Entering the silo will start the clock, so be ready.

You should probably get as big a team as you can, make someone the appointed leader. Descend the silo and acquire weapons from the Rikti crates. No team member should take more than one weapon.

Use the Incinerators to clear the tentacles. Beware the Hydra head, which fires potent psi attacks.

Clear the force field generators of Rikti, then send one to two heroes to each Force Field Generator. For optimum results they must attack the generators in unison, on the leader's command. Once the players all have said "Down", then all should attack the Hydra head. The attack proceeds until the shields are restored. The process repeats. The gunman can shoot about 5 times at the head in one round if the Forcefield takedowns are coordinated well. If this is the case, it should only take 4 rounds for the head to go away. Please take note that you only need to defeat most of the bottom area, including the spawned Rikti. The quicker you finish off the Hydra, the less Rikti spawn, which in turn leads to less to clear. The Hydra Spawn will be subsequently harder to clear, but, with a little effort, and some level 50s, they will go down easily.

Once you finish the Trial, you can choose either a Rare Recipe or a multi-purpose Hydra Enhancement (level 40-43).