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Ablative Carapace is a power in the Bio Armor power set.


BioOrganicArmor AblativeCarapace
CreateSymbol Neutral
Archetypeicon scrapper
Overlay small 16
Archetypeicon tanker
Overlay small 8
V archetypeicon brute
Overlay small 16
V archetypeicon stalker
Overlay small 16
Ablative Carapace
Self, +Absorption, +Regeneration
When needed, you're able to cause your Bio Armor to grow a thick, but brittle outer layer that will absorb a large amount of damage before breaking off. Ablative Carapace will grant a moderate amount of damage absorption and a high amount of regeneration for a short time. However, only half of this power's regeneration buff is enhanceable. Recharge: Long TO Training HealTO Training Attack RateTO Training Endurance Cost

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