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This article is about the Ace exploration badge. For Ace McKnight, see Ace McKnight.

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This statue honors Mustang, a valiant hero who fought during WWII.


The Ace Badge is located in The Bulge neighborhood of the Rikti War Zone (on some servers, it is instead found in the same location in the [Echo: Rikti Crash Site]). The badge marker is located on the left outstretched hand of a large statue of a hero approximately 450 yards southwest of The Bulge marker.

Its coordinates are (1359.5, 293.2, -273.5).

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  • The badge originally read, "This statue honors Corsair, a valiant hero who fought during WWII." It was changed, possibly due to the lawsuit with Marvel. Corsair is the name of the leader of the Starjammers and Cyclops and Havok's father.


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