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Ace McKnight

Ace McKnight


Ace McKnight is an Elite Boss and undercover agent who works for Longbow.

Villains can find him on the following missions:


Ally Description

Ace McKnight is the source of Willy Wheeler's missions, and has gotten himself in trouble! You need to get him out of this mess!

Enemy Description for Willy Wheeler

Ace McKnight is the source of Willy Wheeler's missions. Unfortunately, McKnight has turned out to be an undercover Longbow agent and needs to be taken down!

Enemy Description for Captain Mako

Ace McKnight is an elite agent for the Freedom Corp organization known as Longbow. He is a master of infiltration and escape techniques.


During the mission Free Willy's source from Arachnos he says a couple things:

(once free)

Ace McKnight: Thanks for the rescue. Are you part of the omega team?

(at the mission exit)

Ace McKnight: We'll reconnaitre later.

(It's French and it means "We'll meet again")

During the mission Capture McKnight, he has his own cutscene:

Globalchat Ace McKnight: So I've been setting up this Willy "Dealer" Wheeler to take out villain targets through his pet thug, Villain.

Finally, Arachnos catches up with me, and I though I was a goner!

All of a sudden, Villain comes bursting in and start busting heads!

Ha ha! I'm SO glad I managed to fool them! It came in VERY handy!

Hey, look! It's Villain!

How's it going, buddy?

Let me introduce you to my friends in Longbow

Combat start: What's the matter, Villain? I thought you were on my side!

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