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Ace McKnight, Ally


Ace McKnight is the source of the missions of Willy Wheeler. He has been captured by Arachnos and is in need of a rescue. He can be found during the mission Free Willy's source from Arachnos from Willy Wheeler.

As an ally, McKnight is an Elite Boss, with the Hit Points and damage output correspondant to his level. He will need to be rescued of his captors, but once free he will fight at your side. There are several ambushes after you free him.

Once free, he moves really fast, and agroes on everything in his path. While his Hit Points and defenses are as high as one might expect, his AI is really his weak point, and a bit of a let-down: When he closes in on a target he most of the time stops just short of melee range, thus only using his shuriken move and waiting for the half minute recycle. If you can draw an enemy into his melee range he will use his devastating melee attacks though. My personal advice is to clear a path to the mission exit before freeing him, to save frustration and potential (but unlikely) danger for him. Just like Wretch, he moves really fast.

For some reason, his Endurance bar was doing strange things, and going up and down for no apparent reason, perhaps due to some Secondary powers or something. Anyways, seeing his Enduance bar at only 50% full was something relatively normal during the mission.

Take into account that escorting him is a mission objective, and he must survive the mission.


During the mission Free Willy's source from Arachnos he says a couple things:

(once free)

Ace McKnight: Thanks for the rescue. Are you part of the omega team?

(at the mission exit)

Ace McKnight: We'll reconnoitre later.

(It's French and it means "We'll meet again")


Ace McKnight is the source of Willy Wheeler's missions, and has gotten himself in trouble! You need to get him out of this mess!


He will often only use his Shurikens, most of the time you will have to encourage melee attacks: