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The Activist is an NPC in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (128, 15.9375, -492). He was added with Issue 7.

Statements made by the Activist:

  • [When clicked]Take a pamphlet, yo.
  • War Witch for local council! Don't discriminate against the breathing challenged!
  • I don't know what's on this flyer, but read it anyway! Get involved!
  • Knowledge is power, people! Take a pamphlet! Get involved!
  • Clean up Faultline! Fill those cracks! Take a pamphlet!
  • Clean up Perez Park! Burn down half of it! It's a villain-infested maze!
  • Come on seasoned heroes! Recluse's Victory needs you! Go to D.A.T.A. in City Hall to find out how to help!
  • Join the fight, heroes! It's your duty to teach those villains a lesson! Go to Siren's Call and show your support NOW!
  • More restaurant choices for Atlas Park!
  • Self Defense classes! Come on, ladies! Your purses will thank you! Take a flyer!
  • Fix the supergroup teleporter in Talos Island! wait...they did that already. Well, take this anyway! It's clogging up my stack!
  • Support the Vanguard! Get your heroic hineys over to the 'war zone' and kick some Rikti butt!
  • Rebuild Boomtown! Come on! Take a flyer! Get involved, people!
  • Free Sally! Take one! Free Sally!
  • The Tailor needs a salon! Come on, people! Who doesn't want stripey hair? Huh??
  • Hey, this one only says 'TODO: Add Text'. Who printed this?! Take it anyway! I gotta get rid of 'em!