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Adamastor is Giant Monster who has joined the Banished Pantheon. He can be found in the Moth Cemetery area of Dark Astoria.

According to the City of Heroes Giant Monster Guide, Adamastor appears every 4 to 6 hours. This guide was written before Issue 8, which expressly increased the spawn rate. The current rate is unknown, but is definitely greater than the listed rate.

A Monster/EB version of Adamastor is in the Extract the rebels from the Pantheon's dimension mission by Tina Macintyre. Defeating him in this mission awards the Keeper of Secrets Badge as per defeating the Giant Monster version.


For centuries, Adamastor caused havoc and destruction to sailors off the coast of Africa. According to legend, he attacked the sea goddess Thetis and was banished from the oceans forever. Miserable and bereft, Adamastor wandered the Dark Continent seeking mortal prey - until the Banished Pantheon found a use for him in Paragon City.



Badge villain banished Keeper of Secrets

You have defeated the demon Adamastor, bought forth by the Banished Pantheon to destroy the world.

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