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Admissions Officer Lenk
Contact Small Admissions Officer Lenk
Zone Steel Canyon
Level Range 10-50
Introduces Professor Boram
Enemy groups Badge villain council Council
Badges Inventor

Admissions Officer Lenk is a City of Heroes contact located in Steel Canyon. He is located inside the University.

Admissions Officer Lenk is the starting contact for the Invention System tutorial, which may be undertaken by any hero level 10 or higher. Heroes will automatically gain him as a contact when they enter Steel Canyon for the first time. The tutorial will grant the Inventor badge upon completion. The tutorial is completely optional; all aspects of the Invention System will work whether you complete it or not.

About this contact[]

Admissions Officer

Greg Lenk was hired on as the Admissions Officer soon after Paragon University, Steel Canyon campus was opened. He has a Masters degree in Advanced Education. Greg loves cats.

Initial Contact[]

Welcome to Paragon University! I'm Greg Lenk, the Admissions Officer here on campus. We have just implemented an exciting Inventions curriculum.

This is the Inventions Tutorial. It should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Click on 'Ask about available missions' to start the tutorial.


Hello again. Good to see you!


Read Invention Program Syllabus[]


You will enjoy our Inventions Program here at Paragon University. We have a number of courses available that will help you become acquainted with the methods and procedures used in the invention process.

Review the course syllabus. We have a collection of them on the counter here.

You'll want to familiarize yourself with our program before you start your first class.

Mission Objective

  • Read Syllabus

You pick up the Course Syllabus from the counter.

Icon clue generic
Course Syllabus
The Course Syllabus for the Inventions Program at Paragon University.


Invention Program Course List

Class Instructor Location
Salvage 101 Vic Boram Library
Recipes 201 Chate Taylor Library
Workbenches & Results 301 Ruth Chandler Lab, First Floor
Invention Enhancements 401 Rudolph Topffer Lab, Second Floor
Wrap-Up Counselor Jones Administration

Administration, Paragon University


Let's get you started right away.

If you ever need to, feel free to stop by and check the course syllabus anytime. I'll just leave them there for you to review.

Time for your first course. Inventions 101: Salvage.

New contact[]

Your first class will be Inventions 101: Salvage taught by:

Contact Small Professor Boram Professor Boram

Salvage is the main ingredient used in the Inventions system. This course is designed to give you a general understanding about how to get it, where to sell it, what it does, and what types are available.

Professor Boram is located at the Circulation Desk in the Library.