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IO Aegis

This is an enhancement in the Aegis set.


This enhancement provides up to a 3.0% bonus to Psionic Resistance, depending on archetype. This psionic resistance functions as a set bonus and is always on, even if in a toggle that is turned off.

  • Blasters: 2.1%
  • Brutes, Corruptors, Kheldians, Scrappers, Stalkers: 2.25%
  • Dominators: 2.55%
  • Arachnos Soldiers, Arachnos Widows, Controllers, Defenders, Masterminds, Tankers: 3.0%

In addition, when the power it is in is used, the enhancement grants the user a "Large Status Resistance Bonus". This acts as a set bonus, buffing resistance to six status effects (hold, immobilize, stun, sleep, confuse, and terrorize) by 5.0% each.

As with all set bonuses, up to five Large Status Resistance Bonuses can be stacked, for a total of 25.0% status protection, which will reduce mez durations to 80% (1 / (1 + 0.25)). If slotted in a click power, one bonus will stack per use. If slotted in a toggle power, one bonus will be granted upon activation, and another bonus per ten seconds of use thereafter. If slotted in a passive, one bonus will stack every ten seconds, except when defeated.

As with all set bonuses, once granted, Large Status Resistance Bonuses remain on, even if the power that generated them is not active. Exemplaring below the level of the bonus will suppress it. Unlike other set bonuses, the bonuses are lost when bonuses are reset (changing zones or logging out), but will be granted again normally.


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Recipe Aegis

This recipe cannot be bought from stores. It must be obtained by purchasing from a Merit Vendor as an Invention Origin Enhancement Recipe or by Taskforce Random Recipe Roll, from another player at Wentworth's or the Black Market, or by trading. It is a rare drop.

This recipe may be sold to a store for 200 influence or infamy per level. This is usually (but not always) much less than you could sell it for at Wentworth's or on the Black Market.

The following tables show the requirements for crafting this enhancement:

Level Crafting Requirements
or Infamy
Invention Salvage
25 37,400 Rune 1 Rune
Stabilized Mutant Genome 1 Stabilized Mutant Genome
Mutant DNA Strand 1 Mutant DNA Strand
Impervium 1 Impervium
Mutating Genome 1 Mutating Genome

26 38,660
27 39,920
28 41,180
29 42,440
30 43,700
31 48,200
32 52,700
33 57,200
34 61,700
35 66,200
36 73,920
37 81,640
38 89,360
39 97,080
40 209,600
Level Crafting Requirements
or Infamy
Invention Salvage
41 121,260 Fortune 1 Fortune
Silver 1 Silver
Gold 1 Gold
Synthetic Intelligence Unit 1 Synthetic Intelligence Unit
Platinum 1 Platinum
42 137,720
43 154,180
44 170,640
45 187,100
46 198,720
47 210,340
48 221,960
49 233,580
50 490,400