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Agent Six
Agent Six
Natural Store
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (1138, -16, 2160)
Level Range 30+
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups Badge villain nemesis Nemesis

Agent Six is a City of Heroes contact located in the Gaspee neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (1138, -16, 2160). Agent Six is a Store contact.

Agent Six can be somewhat difficult to locate at first. She is in a tunnel beneath a building, at water level.


Contact Introduced By[]

None, will work with any hero level 30 and up.

New Contact(s)[]



Natural Store

Agent Six works for a secret branch of the US CIA codenamed Omega Watch. Her past is a complete mystery, but rumors of her involvement in world-shaking events like the assassination of dictators always persists. She is exceptionally trained in all forms of Martial Arts and military fighting techniques. She even has a smattering of back street brawling under her belt to complete her skill set. Agent Six will help train natural-based heroes for the right price.

Initial Contact[]

Omega Watch said you would be by eventually. If you need some training in natural fighting techniques, I am your woman, but I need you to prove you're up to the job at hand first.


  • Level 30 Natural Single Origin Enhancements
  • Level 35 Natural Single Origin Enhancements
  • Level 40 Natural Single Origin Enhancements

Agent Six will buy Enhancements from anyone, but will only sell them to heroes who have completed her mission. Being teamed with another player who completes it does not count.


Look into Nemesis operation[]


So you are willing to help the cause, eh? Well, I do need an operative who can poke around a suspected Nemesis operation. Do you think you are up to the task, soldier?

Very good. There is an abandoned warehouse in Crey's Folly that I think Nemesis has set up shop in. We are looking for some solid data on his plans, but so far have come up empty. He disdains computers, so any records will probably be in a file cabinet somewhere. If my source is correct, that warehouse will be crawling with Nemesis enforcers.

Icon clue generic
Spy Camera
This tiny camera issued to you by Agent Six can take high quality digital photos of documents, for later analysis.

Take my spy camera. Use it to take photos of whatever you come across. This way, Nemesis will continue his plan, and we can stop him cold.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Uncover Nemesis' Next Plan
    • Find evidence of Nemesis plans

You have uncovered Nemesis' plot to assassinate The Statesman.

Icon clue generic
Operation: Blaze of Glory
You have photographed a file that contains information on a plot for Nemesis to assassinate The Statesman, including a full timetable of events.


Great job! Since you left the original documents there, Nemesis should attempt to follow through with his plan, but we'll be waiting for them!

You've proven yourself, but just barely. I was sent here to improve your skills, and from what I have seen you need a lot of improvement. Are you ready to start?

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