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Alpha is an incarnate power set available to level 50 characters on current VIP accounts.

Alpha powers are passive global enhancement bonuses that boost the effects of the character's powers.

In order for an Alpha power to function, a character must craft the Alpha power, equip it in the Alpha slot, and be on a current VIP account. Only one Alpha power can be equipped at a time.

Unlocking the Alpha slot awards the Alpha Unlocked accolade badge.

The Alpha slot is unlocked when a level 50 character does any one of the following:

  • completing Mender Ramiel's arc,
  • earning 1,000,000 points of incarnate experience, or
  • claiming an Unlock Alpha Slot character item.

For a more detailed guide on unlocking, choosing, crafting, and equipping Alpha powers, see Alpha/walkthrough.


Boost Core Boost Radial Boost Total Core Revamp Partial Core Revamp Partial Radial Revamp Total Radial Revamp Core Paragon Radial Paragon



Rech DefBuff

Run Jump Fly
Agility Boost Agility Core Boost Agility Radial Boost Agility Total Core Revamp Agility Partial Core Revamp Agility Partial Radial Revamp Agility Total Radial Revamp Agility Core Paragon Agility Radial Paragon



Range Resist

Fear Sleep Intang
Cardiac Boost Cardiac Core Boost Cardiac Radial Boost Cardiac Total Core Revamp Cardiac Partial Core Revamp Cardiac Partial Radial Revamp Cardiac Total Radial Revamp Cardiac Core Paragon Cardiac Radial Paragon



DefDebuff Range

Dmg ToHitDebuff Slow
Intuition Boost Intuition Core Boost Intuition Radial Boost Intuition Total Core Revamp Intuition Partial Core Revamp Intuition Partial Radial Revamp Intuition Total Radial Revamp Intuition Core Paragon Intuition Radial Paragon



Immob DefDebuff

ToHitDebuff EndMod Run
Musculature Boost Musculature Core Boost Musculature Radial Boost Musculature Total Core Revamp Musculature Partial Core Revamp Musculature Partial Radial Revamp Musculature Total Radial Revamp Musculature Core Paragon Musculature Radial Paragon



Hold DefBuff

Taunt Confuse Fly
Nerve Boost Nerve Core Boost Nerve Radial Boost Nerve Total Core Revamp Nerve Partial Core Revamp Nerve Partial Radial Revamp Nerve Total Radial Revamp Nerve Core Paragon Nerve Radial Paragon



ToHitBuff Immob

Stun Intang Taunt
Resilient Boost Resilient Core Boost Resilient Radial Boost Resilient Total Core Revamp Resilient Partial Core Revamp Resilient Partial Radial Revamp Resilient Total Radial Revamp Resilient Core Paragon Resilient Radial Paragon



Stun Heal

Slow ToHitBuff Jump
Spiritual Boost Spiritual Core Boost Spiritual Radial Boost Spiritual Total Core Revamp Spiritual Partial Core Revamp Spiritual Partial Radial Revamp Spiritual Total Radial Revamp Spiritual Core Paragon Spiritual Radial Paragon



Acc EndRedux

Sleep Confuse Fear
Vigor Boost Vigor Core Boost Vigor Radial Boost Vigor Total Core Revamp Vigor Partial Core Revamp Vigor Partial Radial Revamp Vigor Total Radial Revamp Vigor Core Paragon Vigor Radial Paragon

Agility Alpha powers[]

Cardiac Alpha powers[]

Intuition Alpha powers[]

Musculature Alpha powers[]

Nerve Alpha powers[]