Contact Annah 01


Annah is an NPC who stands on the south side of the Green Line in Croatoa. She is not a contact, but she will grant an extra costume slot if brought a complete set of costume Event Salvage from the Halloween Event 2006,Halloween Event 2007, or Halloween Event 2008. Her coordinates are (860.5, 0, 2252).

When clicked, Annah says:

These are magical days indeed. To show your worth to the Ravenwing Cabal, I ask that you bring me some souvenirs of the season of the witch. These are costume pieces from some of the more popular costumes of the day. Bring me one Statesman Mask, one Lord Recluse Helmet, one Back Alley Brawler Gloves, and one Hamidon costume. If you do this, I will grant you access to another Costume Slot.

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