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Arachnos disguise

Arachnos Disguise on a female character

This disguise should keep most Arachnos troops fooled unless you pick a fight. It is incompatible with Granite Armor, however.

How to Get

This power is given by Agent G upon accepting the Infiltrate Arachnos base mission

Power Summary

Duration 60 minutes in-game time
Effects Toggle: Arachnos Disguise


A female character will receive a Night Widow disguise. A male character will receive Wolf Spider disguise. A Huge character will receive a Crab Spider disguise.

Badge bughunter 01 Bug! Currently bugged. A large number of players will lose this temp power when they log out regardless of how much time they might have used it. At this time, the devs are aware of this bug, but will not help or return this power to you.

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