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Characters with Widow Training begin their careers as Blood Widows. Blood Widow characters begin with modest melee, ranged and buff skills. Beginning at level 24, they may choose to switch to the "Fortunata" path or remain on the "Widow" path and become "Night Widows." Night Widows gain considerably stronger melee capabilities, and only have modest ranged abilities, while those who go with the Fortunata path learn stronger ranged attack abilities and control abilities.

Arachnos Widows who go the Night Widow route gain the ability to do automatic critical damage with any of their primary melee attacks when attacking from Hidden status. These criticals do one and two-thirds times normal damage. Night Widows become Hidden the same way Stalkers do, by using their primary Mask Presence or Placate power. However, the stealth granted by Mask presence is much less than that granted by Hide, and Night Widows must also use their Smoke Grenade power to reliably approach their target. Fortunatas are also able to perform this type of attack using Mask Presence, however, lacking Placate or Smoke Grenade, they are unable to do so as often.

Arachnos Widows, along with Arachnos Soldiers, are one of the two Epic Archetypes for Villains, only available to players who have reached Level 20 with at least one Villain. All Arachnos Widows are of Natural origin.

Alignment: Villain

The Arachnos Widows's power sets are:

Primary: Training
Secondary: Teamwork

The Arachnos Widow has medium Hit Points and does medium damage.

An Arachnos Widow is called Widow in the targetting window.

Career Tracks[]

Initially, the Arachnos Widow only has access to one primary and one secondary power set. At level 24, the other two of each become available and the character is required to Respec. At that time, all six of the Arachnos Widow's power sets will be available. However, once a power from the Night Widow or Fortunata tracks is selected, the other track's power sets become unavailable.

Career track selection is not permanent, however. A Respec will allow an Arachnos Widow to select from the other track instead if she so desires.

Power Sets[]

Primary Power Sets[]

An Arachnos Widow's primary power sets are designed for damage, buff and control. They are:

  • Initial Power Set
  • Career Track Power Sets

Secondary Power Sets[]

An Arachnos Widow's secondary power sets are designed for support via self-buffs, control and stealth. They are:

  • Initial Power Set
  • Career Track Power Sets

Patron Power Pools[]

Arachnos Widows receive the same Patron Power Pools as Brutes.

Inherent Power[]

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