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Your research into the arcane, coupled with your experience in fighting magical foes, has unlocked heretofore unknown magics within you, earning you the title of Archmage. You have learned a spell of protection because of this.

Accolade Power[]

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Eye of the Magus power.

BA Eye Of The Magus Eye of the Magus Self: +Resistance(All but Psionics) +Defense(All but Psionics)
When you activate the Eye of the Magus, you are granted a very high bonus to Defense and Damage Resistance for one minute. You can only activate the Eye of the Magus once every 25 minutes.

How to Get[]

Obtain the following badges:


Badge tourist 01 Dark Mystic Badge   Exploration   Echo:Dark Astoria (1678, 5.5, 2833)
Badge tourist 01 Faultless Mystic Badge   Exploration   Faultline (821.5, 95.5, -1154.5)
Badge tourist 01 Mystic Badge   Exploration   Brickstown (-593, 32, 1378)
Badge tourist 01 Mystic King Badge   Exploration   Kings Row (-376.2, 70.5, 245.0)
Badge villain banished Banisher Badge   Defeats   Defeat 200 Banished Pantheon Spirit Masks
Badge villain carnival Illusionist Badge   Defeats   Defeat 100 Carnival of Shadows summoned Illusionists
Badge villain cot Soul Binder Badge   Defeats   Defeat 200 Circle of Thorns mages
Badge villain tsoo Tracer Badge   Defeats   Defeat 200 Tsoo Sorcerers

Gladiator Badge[]

The Archmage badge unlocks the Arch-Mage of Agony Badge.

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