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The Arena was introduced in May 2005 along with Issue 4. It was the only way to engage in Player vs Player until Issue 6 and City of Villains was released.


Arena Kiosks can be found in the following zones. They are generally inside large stadium-like structures.


Galaxy City
Talos Island
Peregrine Island


Port Oakes
St. Martial (Inside the Golden Giza)


Pocket D


Types of EventsEdit

Arena MapsEdit

- Instanced Perez Park

- Instanced Steel Canyon

- Instanced Laboratory

- Instanced Monkey Fight Club (From Pocket D)

- Instanced Cargo Ship

    • Others Needed**


V badge BattleDomeBadge Lanista

Congratulations! You have fielded a team of gladiators in the Arena.

V badge BattleDomeBadge Grand Lanista

The continuing success has earned you fame as a manager of gladiators.

Badge tourist 01 Cage Fighter

Fighting in a nice big arena is one thing, but fighting in a cage is completely... different. Only the strong survive a cage match.

Arena StoresEdit

The arenas also have stores located inside, which sell tier one Inspirations, except Awakens. They also sell several temporary powers, usable only in the arena. The temp powers cost 10,000 Influence/Infamy.

Temporary ManifoldResonator Jaunt Initializer
Temporary JumpPack Low-G Pack
Temporary AntigravityMatrix Raptor Pack
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter Stealth Suit
Temporary ChromaticGrenades Stun Grenade
Temporary FetteringNimbus Web Grenade

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