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Assault Total Radial Graft is a power in the Hybrid power set.


Incarnate Hybrid Assault Rare.png
Assault Total Radial Graft
Toggle: Chance for Doublehit
While active, this power gives all of your damaging powers a high chance to strike again for a moderate portion of their damage in Energy damage. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Damage at all times. No enhancements allowed

Type: limited duration toggle, 120 seconds
Cast: 0 seconds
Tick: 0 endurance every 10 seconds
Recharge: 120 seconds, unmodifiable
Affects: self, autohit

E color damage.png 32.12 x recharge factor / area factor energy damage proc added (4 ppm) Ignores buffs and enhancements

Type: passive
Affects: self, autohit

E color damage.png +7.5% damage buff Does not stack from same user Ignores buffs and enhancements Unresistible
Crafting recipe:
Incarnate Hybrid Assault Uncommon.png Nanotech Growth Medium Supercharged Capacitor Exotic Isotope 


Assault Total Radial Graft is used as a component in the following recipes:

any Assault ... Graft any Assault ... Graft Detailed Reports Arcane Cantrip Living Relic  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Assault VeryRare.png
any Assault ... Graft any Assault ... Graft Nanotech Growth Medium Meditation Techniques Forbidden Technique  EnhncComb equals.png  Incarnate Hybrid Assault VeryRare.png


Assault Total Radial Graft was added in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

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