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Atlas Statue

Atlas's Statue in Atlas Park

Atlas was one of the early heroes of Paragon City. The Atlas Park zone is named for him, and there is an enormous statue erected in front of City Hall in his honor.

Atlas was one of the first heroes to respond to the Nazi sneak attack against Paragon City on December 7th, 1941. Almost single-handedly, Atlas kept the German attackers from gaining a foothold past Independence Port. It cost him his life, but he held his ground until the Freedom Phalanx arrived.

The statue of Atlas was dedicated by Statesman himself in a ceremony christening the heart of Atlas Park. Many heroes were inspired enough by Atlas's sacrifice to volunteer for the Freedom Phalanx's trek across the Atlantic to help reinforce the Dawn Patrol in England. To this day, Atlas Park is the safest area in Paragon City and many new heroes dedicate themselves to making sure it stays that way.