Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
Real Name Aurora Scott
Gender Female
Archetype  ?
Affiliation Vindicators
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Psychic Blast
Secondary Powers  ?
Zone Locations Independence Port

Overview Edit

Aurora Borealis is a hero trainer in Independence Port in the Bell Point neighborhood located north of the Green Line monorail station at coordinates (-1634, 0, -5806). Her location is marked on the map as a contact.

Villains face her in the following missions:


Description Edit

Before the war, Aurora Scott was just a fledgling hero doing her best for the city she loved. Afterwards, she was something else entirely. Aurora played host to Sister Psyche's mind after the Freedom Phalanx heroine was injured in the war. After gladly sacrificing her autonomy so that Sister Psyche could continue to serve, Aurora's just now returning to her own life. And she's got a few bones to pick with the villains who flourished in her absence.

History Edit

Character StatsEdit

Secret Identity: Aurora Scott
Origin: Magic
Archetype: ?
Primary Powers: Psychic Blast
Secondary Powers: ?
Other Powers: Flight, Light Torrent, and Light Explosion

Dialogs Edit

Aurora will say the following when you encounter her:

  • During the Take down Aurora Borealis mission:

Combat start: Villain!


Aurora Borealis as enemy

  • During the Defeat Aurora Borealis and allies mission:

Before combat: Villain! I should have known it was you! Who else would be so vile as to turn these people into monsters to use against me?

Combat start: You are scum! I'm going to mindwipe you out of existence!

At 75% Life: You'll never get away with this!

At 50% Life: Argh!

Defeated: Nooooooooo!

  • During the Defeat Aurora Borealis and take the Books mission:

Combat start: You must be Villain. Infernal said you were pretty tough. So let's see if he's right.

At 75% Life: Jeez. Was that your best shot?

At 50% Life: If only you attacked your character flaws this hard!

At 25% Life: You've almost won, but I'll tell you a secret: Winning won't help you out as much as you might think.

Defeated: I'll keep a watch on you, Villain. I'll remember this.

After defeating a player: All that power wasted on a twerp like you. Kinda makes me sad.

See Also Edit

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