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Base Plots define the amount of area a Super Group has to place various Base Rooms. All Base Plots are required to have an Entry Room which members or guests can enter by using the various Base Portals located in the zones of City of Heroes or City of Villains.

By adding Base Rooms to Base Plots, a group can define the layout of their base. All Groups start with a Tiny Hidden Spot for free. Larger Base Plots can be purchased by using the Group's Prestige. Larger Base Plots provide more area for a Group to place Base Rooms. Larger Base Plots can also have the ability to hold a greater number of Base Items of a specific type.

The limiting factor on the number of Base Items for most Base Plots is determined by the total values found from Base Rooms. For example, a Base Plot may indicate that it can contain an unlimited number of Teleport Base Items, but the largest Teleportation Room only allows eight Teleport Base Items. In this example, additional Teleportation Rooms can be added to a Base to exceed a Base Room's limitations, but the maximum number of Medical, Control, Energy, Battery, Storage, Workshop, Item of Power, Empowerment, and Anchor Base Items are determined by the values of the Base Plot.

At this time there are two categories of Base Plots available to players. There are 10 Hidden Base Plots available, and there are seven Secure Base Plots available.


Limits summary[]

Item Type Limit
Control 1 2
Dimensional Anchor 6 6
Energy 1 2
Workshop 6 6
Aside from Batteries (below), other item types are not restricted by the plot:

Decorative, Medical, Teleport, Defense, any Auxiliary (including Teleport Beacons)

The maximum number of Batteries depends on the plot size and type:

Base Plot Type Batteries
Any Hidden plot 1
Small Secure Location 3
Secure Location 3
Large Secure Location 4
Small Secure Complex 4
Secure Complex 5
Large Secure Complex 5
Massive Secure Complex 6