A Basic Telepad is a base item that allows the user to teleport to a particular zone.

A Basic Telepad may connect up to two Teleport Beacons, which specify the zones the teleporter can transport a player to.

A beacon is unlocked by gaining all the exploration badges for a particular zone whilst in supergroup mode; for more information, see Teleport Beacons.


This standard telepad has been wired into the teleportation network. To function, you must have a zone beacon to the target zone. Your supergroup can unlock these beacons by finding the Exploration Badges in the desired zone.

Additional InformationEdit

Basic Teleporter Tech

Tech version

Basic Teleporter Arcane

Arcane version

Price 15000 prestige
Energy Consumed 50
Control Consumed25
Crafted at Basic Forge (mystic version),
Basic Worktable (tech version)
Salvage RequiredTech version: 1 Salvage MercuryCircuits Computer Virus 1 Salvage Titanium Polycarbon 1 Salvage Ring Luck Charm OR 1 Salvage CircuitBoard Circuit Board 1 Salvage Steel Steel 1 Salvage MagicalWard Rune OR 1 Salvage TemporalAnalyzer Temporal Analyzer 1 Salvage TitaniumShard Titanium Shard 1 Salvage Scrolls Fortune
Arcane version: 1 Salvage ClockworkWinder Clockwork Winder 1 Salvage ArcanePowder Temporal Sands 1 Salvage PrototypeElement Simple Chemical OR
1 Salvage AlchemicalSilver Alchemical Silver 1 Salvage MagicalWard Symbol 1 Salvage InertGas Inert Gas OR
1 Salvage Ruby Ruby 1 Salvage Scrolls Destiny 1 Salvage Silver Silver
Maximum Connections2
Allowed AuxilaryAll Teleport Beacons (Arcane Teleporters
require Arcane beacons and vice versa.)

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