City of Heroes Wiki

Slash Command[]

/beginchat special

Beginchat will activate the chat box and put "special" in there with your cursor at the end.

This command is not to be confused with /startchat which takes no arguments and simply opens the chat box.


There are several default keybindings that make use of this command.

  • comma ","
    • /beginchat /tell $target,


  • /beginchat /send "channel name
    • note the trailing space.
    • Will open the chat box with /send "channel name"  in it.
  • /bind key beginchat /send "channel name" 
    • binds key to open the chat box with /send "channel name" in it for fast chatting on a global chat channel.
    • /bind LCTRL+key beginchat /send "channel name" [$name - $level $archetype]: 
      • same as above but with character name and archetype in the front, useful for team finding.

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