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Slash Command[]


Imports a series of binds for the current character from the keybinds.txt text file in the install directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\data\keybinds.txt by default). The imported file must be in text format with one binding per line.

/bind_load takes no options/parameters

  • For an example of a correctly formatted bind file, the user may first create a list of the binds on the current character by using the /bind_save or /bind_save_file commands.

joy3 +up joy4 powexecslot 1 joy1 powexecslot 2 joy2 powexecslot 3 joypad_down powexecslot 4 joypad_left powexecslot 5 joypad_up powexecslot 6 joypad_right powexecslot 7 joy8 powexecslot 8 joy7 powexecslot 9 joystick1_up +forward joystick1_left +left joystick1_right +right joystick1_down +backward joystick2_up +lookup joystick2_down +lookdown joystick2_left +turnleft joystick2_right +turnright joy9 target_custom_next enemy joy11 target_custom_next friend joy12 target_custom_prev friend joy5 bind_load_file c:\covbinds\secondary.txt joy6 map