City of Heroes Wiki

Slash Command[]

/bind_save_file filename.txt

Creates a file at a location specified by the user. This file will be in text format, and will list all bindings on the current character, one binding per line. Further, the file will be formatted correctly for import using the /bind_load_file or /bind_load commands.

  • Due to limitations of the CoH/V command line parser, pathname must be enclosed in quotes if it contains spaces. Thus /bind_save_file "C:\coh binds\bindfile.txt" would be a valid command, while /bind_save_file C:\coh binds\bindfile.txt would not.
  • Pathname may be either a relative or fully defined path:
  • fully defined - C:\cohbinds\bindfile.txt
  • relative - bindfolder\bindfile.txt
    bindfolder\bindfile.txt would be located in the data directory of the install directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\data\bindfolder\bindfile.txt).
  • relative2 - ..\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt
    ..\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt would be located in the install directory, since bindsavefile looks in the data directory (C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\bindfolder2\bindfile.txt).

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