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Blake is an NPC in the Breakout tutorial zone of City of Villains. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (-2,088, -200, 718).


After this conversation, find Morben to learn more about Enhancements.

I see my pal Caze showed you how to use your powers, that's good, now I'll show you about Enhancements.

Enhancements are additions to your powers that make them work at better effectiveness by 'Enhancing' a specific aspect of your powers.


If you click the word Enhancements above your Power Bar, you will bring up an inventory of Enhancements you are currently carrying. If you click the work Manage above that, you will be able to 'slot in' Enhancements into your powers.


On the Management screen you can try slotting in the Damage Enhancement you received earlier. Simply drag and drop it in to any legal (geen) Enhancement Slot.


To learn more about Enhancements, including the Levels and how they affect their power, consult the Help file or the Manual.

Now go see Morben and he can explain how to combine Enhancements to make them stronger.