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Fuldhim Fuldhim 17 April 2012

Changed Pain Domination

I didn't attach a comment to the change I made to the wiki so I'll add this as a blog post. The wiki for Pain Domination had two powers listed at level 20. I deleted the one that doesn't really exist, Soothing Aura.

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NapalmEnima NapalmEnima 18 February 2010

Fun with Anchored Debuffs

Several powers in CoH fall into the category of "Anchored Debuffs". Radiation Emission has two, Dark Miasma has one, Sonic Resonance has one.

They're all toggle powers. They're all PBAoE around someone else. And three of the four are targeted on AN ENEMY. Sonic has the odd man out (and more useful for it). It is toggled on an ally. Because of this, it is much less likely to be dropped unexpectedly.

  • 1 The Powers
  • 2 Anchor's Bane
  • 3 Who's your bitch?
  • 4 Anchor's Bane's Bane
  • 5 Using the Anchor
  • 6 When to switch it off
  • 7 Parting Words

  • Darkest Night: -dam, -acc. Purely defensive. Enemies hit less often and do less damage when they do manage to hit. It is (by default) represented by a black field on the ground.
  • Enervating Field: -dam, -res. Both offensive …

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NapalmEnima NapalmEnima 17 February 2010

Fun with Line of Sight (LOS)

AKA - How to know when you're on a good team.

When a melee foe agros you, they run up to ya. They might take a pot-shot or two at you on the way in, but are generally easy to manipulate.

When a ranged foe agros you, they run into range/Line of Sight, and start banging away. They're harder to mess with, but Not Impossible.

When you agro a mob, while you're in LOS, the ranged guys basically sit there and shoot while the melee'ers run up and do their thing. You've probably seen this a thousand times.

When you agro a mob and IMMEDIATELY BREAK LOS (or even manage to break it before you agro), they all come running to basically the same spot, then the melee types close while the ranged types sit there. If that "same spot" is a couple feet away fr…

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NapalmEnima NapalmEnima 20 January 2010

Return to CoH

It's been a while. Lots of changes. I started in the CoH beta, and played for about a year. IIRC, WoW stole me.

At any rate, I'm back. Lots of changes, lots of The Same.

  1. Enhancement Diversification. Wow. My slotting was broken.
  2. Inventions. Crafting in CoH, nice.
  3. Where'd all the leadership powers go?
  4. Where'd all the non-emp defenders go? I used to run my rad/rad defender in an all-defender supergroup. We'd buff the snot out of each other, debuff the bad guys into tissue paper, and go gargles-chainsaws-nuts all over purples. rad x 2-3/kin x 1-3/misc/misc/misc-> Plus we all had the aforementioned leadership powers. Everyone's recharge rates are stupid-high, damage capped, can't run out of endurance even if you tried, nobody misses, an F…

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Cvsere Cvsere 11 July 2009

Skill Selection in Twelvesky2

Hello, welcome to Thepowerlevel !

In Twelvesky2 selecting your skills in the correct order can help you go through the lower levels quicker. The first skills you should kill are the run skill and the multi hit skill. Max out your multi hit skill as soon as possible.

The second step, get the attack speed/elemental damage buff and max it out. Max out your weapon buff and run skill next. Then max out your one hit and charged attack buff. Finish up by maxing out the stun, anti-stun and jump skills. As soon as possible switch from level 1 (Twelvesky2 powerleveling) single and multi hit skills to level 30 single and multi hit skills. Learn formation skills, Heaven’s skills, and Garuda's Prayer at level 90+ if and when you find them. Once you have …

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Cvsere Cvsere 11 July 2009

Fierce Tiger Clan in Twelvesky2

Welcome to  !

Here is some information in Twelvesky2 which got it from another site, maybe it could help you some, here it goes !In the forces of nature if there was a Yin-Yang, the Fierce Tiger Clan would be the polar opposite of the Royal Snake Clan. Far superior in terms of sheer strength, the Tigers even outmatch the Dragon Clan in stature. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by their slow response, as their massive weapons can dish out massive damage something too many unfortunate challengers have overlooked.

Here is a Representative: Dark Soul Saber Qing. This strapping young man was the son ofMaster Jin, a highly devoted follower of the Tiger Clan. Tragically, Jinwas killed during an exhibition of combat skills at the hands of HeadMaster…

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