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Badge time This article contains information about a system or idea that was never implemented into City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.


Blood of the Black Stream

  1. A special archetype concept which was never developed.

Other Sources

Ahnek Rah-Zul

Server: Protector
Archetype: Tanker
Level: 28
Origin: 5000 years ago, the Pharaoh of Egypt was besieged with attempts on his life from the Blood of the Black Stream. Even his most trusted followers were plied with offers of great wealth and lusty women for information and secrets that could be used to devise his assassination. So the Pharaoh prayed to Mighty Ra for a protector who could not be tempted or swayed by mortal vices.

Ra sent the enchanted, basalt statue Ahnek Rah-Zul to be that protector. Being enchanted and made of purest stone, the statue is practically invulnerable to physical harm and has no need of mortal trappings, therefore his loyalty to the Pharaoh is unquestionable. The Pharaoh lived out his remaining days in peace and prosperity. Upon his death the statue was entombed with him to be his guardian for all eternity. Recently a team of famous archaeologists unearthed this ancient tomb. When the Light of Ra (sunlight) touched upon the statue, it was awakened. Ahnek Rah-Zul began to search the world for the new incarnation of the Pharaoh. Learning of the great heroes of Paragon City, the statue was naturally drawn here.

Ahnek Rah-Zul now protects all the citizens of Paragon City in the hopes that a new Pharaoh will arise here and that he may again take his rightful place as the Pharaoh’s guardian and protector.