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This article is about the signature character. For the developer Ray Snyder, see Blue Steel (Developer).
Blue Steel

Blue Steel is a hero trainer in Kings Row in the Freedom Plaza section located at (-768.0, 36.0, 1330), or 330 yards southwest of the Yellow Line train station. His location is marked on the map as a contact.



Blue Steel was an original member of the Regulators with Back Alley Brawler. He is the only hero in Paragon City that works directly for the police.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Unknown
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Primary Powers: Shield Defense
Secondary Powers: Shield Melee


  • Blue Steel is mentioned in the description of the Blue Shield exploration badge, which is likely a homage to his namesake in the original plans for City of Heroes, 'Blue Shield.'
  • Blue Steel was not an in-game NPC until the Beta Test of City of Heroes. Originally, Back Alley Brawler was the hero trainer of Kings Row. When Galaxy City was added to the game as a secondary entry point for new heroes, Back Alley Brawler was moved to Galaxy City and Blue Steel was added as the hero trainer of Kings Row. He was originally an NPC named 'Blue Shield' in the planning stages of City of Heroes, and was involved in the creation of the villain known as the Clockwork King, but was not intended to be an in-game trainer. This is likely why there is (so far) no Praetorian Earth villain counterpart for Blue Steel.
  • Blue Steel is responsible for the 'birth' of the villainous Clockwork King. After tracking down a suspect involved in a police homicide committed by robots controlled via telekinesis, Blue Steel beat the man nearly to death and left him for dead. This man's body was never recovered, and was beaten beyond repair. However, the Clockwork King's brain survived the encounter, and he used his powerful telekinetic powers to build himself a clockwork body, leading to the rise of the Clockwork King.
  • Blue Steel is used quite often as the reason Arachnos' plans do not succeed post-Issue 7. He breaks the trap used to hold Numina to a base in Nerva, and breaks Manticore, Hugo Figures and Gally Ido out of an Arachnos prison. He also impersonates Manticore on one City of Villains arc.
  • On some servers, Blue Steel has developed a Chuck Norris-esque following.