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Boundless Energy is a power in the Bio Armor power set.


BioOrganicArmor Inexhaustible
CreateSymbol Neutral
V archetypeicon stalker
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Boundless Energy
Auto: +Max HP, +Regen, +Recovery, +Res(Slow, End Drain), +Special
Your body constantly evolves and addresses weaknesses. As a result you receive a moderate bonus to maximum hit points, regeneration, recovery, increased endurance, as well as gaining a measure of Slow and Endurance Drain Resistance. While no Adaptations are active, this power grants a moderate bonus to Regeneration and Recovery. While Defensive Adaptation is active you gain a small amount of additional max maximum hit points. If Offensive Adaptation is active you'll gain a recharge bonus. These special bonuses are unenhanceable. Boundless Energy is always active. TO Training HealTO Training Endurance Modification

IO TriageIO Adrenal Adjustment

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