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The Bum is an NPC. He is not a contact, but instead sleeps outside the old entrances to the Paragon Dance Party. When disturbed, he' will say Paragon Dance Party's gone. Go to Pocket D. Now... quit botherin' me. I'm RESTING.

The Bum can occasionally be heard saying the following:

  • I swear another raver steps on my pantlegs I'm gonna smack someone. Look, the Dance Party ain't here. Got it?
  • Would all you ravers just GO AWAY? Dance Party's gone! Go to Pocket D! Find it yourself. What am I, your tour guide?
  • Hellooooo! Resting here! No Paragon Dance Party if you didn't notice. Go to Pocket D. Now kindly LEAVE.
  • It used to be a club entrance. Now it is my home. Go find Pocket D. There's three entrances. Think of it as an...adventure.
  • Great. You woke me up. THANKS. Gee, no Paragon Dance Party entrance. Ya think? It's gone. Go to Pocket D. Find it yourself.
  • No Dance Party. Go to Pocket D. Quit botherin' me.

In Independence Port, he is in the Power Island neighborhood. His coordinates are (-846, 0, 1223).

In Steel Canyon, he is in the Silver Lake neighborhood. His coordinates are (-1680, 0, -2725).

On Talos Island, he is in the New Sparta neighborhood. His coordinates are (403, 160, 5573).