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Caitlin Murray
Technological Hero Liaison
Zone Galaxy City
Coordinates (768, -163, -906.5)
Level Range 1-4
Introduced by None
Introduces Maurice Feldon
Enemy groups Badge villain clockwork Clockwork

Caitlin Murray is a City of Heroes contact located in the Freedom Court neighborhood of Galaxy City at coordinates (768, -163, -906.5). Caitlin Murray is a Technology origin contact. Her level range is 1-4.


Contact Introduced By[]

None, Caitlin Murray is the initial contact for Technology based heroes in Galaxy City.

New Contact(s)[]

You should talk to Maurice Feldon some time. He keeps track of anything that's going on in the science world. He's particularly interested in the Clockwork King. Maurice's company is in Galaxy City so you can usually find him there.

Maurice may be a little reckless, but he is very intelligent and he means well.


Technological Hero Liaison

Caitlin Murray has been working with computers since the age of 10, and there's nothing she can't program or fix. She used to work for Exarch Industries, programming cybernetic hardware and perfecting their Man-Machine interfaces. One day she was working late in the office when it was attacked by the Freakshow. She was kidnapped and forced to integrate the Freaks' stolen cybernetics into their bodies. After a three month ordeal, she was rescued by the power-suited hero Horatio. She didn't feel safe going back to her old job, so Horatio introduced her to his friends at DATA. After the Rikti War, Horatio retired his suit to work for DATA in his civilian identity of Rick Davies. Caitlin has been trying to get Rick to notice her, but so far he seems blind to her advances.

Initial Contact[]

I am very glad to be working with you. Of course, if you were in Atlas Park, you would be working with Rick Davies. Have you met him? He's a really great guy.


  • Inspirations
  • Level 1 training enhancements (Power 10 only)


Retrieve the piece from Kip Cantorum[]


Have you seen any of those Clockwork sprockets around town? Well, DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Applications, wants to understand them better. Those scavenging robots are proving to be a real threat to the city. They'll take anything that's metal: mailboxes, lampposts, even cars! I heard a rumor that an engineer here in Galaxy City named Kip Cantorum has a critical piece from one of the Clockwork sprockets. Would you retrieve the Clockwork piece from Mr. Cantorum? Thanks. You're a real sweetheart.

Thanks for helping me out with this. I think there are good things in store for you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get piece from Kip Cantorum


Sorry, I just gave that Clockwork piece to another hero. Perhaps I can still help you out, I saw some of those robots going in and out of an old abandoned office, and I think I saw some at a warehouse. I'd be willing to bet you could find a suitable piece in one of those two places.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Clockwork in office
    • Defeat all robots in warehouse


Badge villain clockwork Clockwork

Icon clue generic
Sprocket piece
This critical piece of a Clockwork sprocket should prove useful to the scientists at DATA. They are always looking for new technology to examine and adapt.


You did just wonderfully! I really appreciate how you came through. You're going to be a big name in Paragon City, just wait and see!

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