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You have shown the Red Caps you are not to be toyed with.

How to Get

Defeat 333 Red Caps.

Weapon Unlocked

When a Dual Blade Scrapper, Stalker, Brute or Tanker obtains this badge, they unlock the Red Cap Daggers weapon customization.

Hero Accolade

Badge croatoa geas of the kind ones.png Geas of the Kind Ones Badge        


  • For heroes, this badge can easily be earned in Croatoa.
  • It is possible for Villains to get this badge by killing Red Caps on the missions from the Valentine's Day Event 2006 and Winter 2006 Event.
  • The enemies in these missions are RedCaps, not Red Caps (missing the space). They originally did not count towards the badge, but for the Winter 2006 Event this was changed. They will now count toward the total needed for this badge.
  • Those who unlocked DJ Zero during the Valentine's Day Event 2006 but have not completed all his missions can still get any remaining missions and farm them for this badge.

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