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Shane Hensley

Shane at Gencon

Real Name: Shane Lacy Hensley

Lead Writer, City of Villains

Bio: Shane Hensley was the Lead Writer for City of Villains. He was initially responsible for creating the zones, backstory, and new villains. Once that was done, he switched gears and helped out with all the other new and nefarious features found in the game.

Shane is perhaps best known for his roleplaying game Deadlands, and is enjoying bringing all the lessons he learned while developing over 50+ game books, card games, miniature games, and novels to the world of Massively Multiplayer Online roleplaying games.

Mr. Hensley is also married to Michelle Hensley. They have two sons, Caden Lacy Hensley and Ronan Lacy Hensley.

Self bio: Creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds, author of numerous novels and short stories, designer of computer games, board games, card games, miniatures games, and now Lead Writer for City of Villains!

Bio on Great White Games

Also, does not understand crumpets


  • Shane left Cryptic Studios on November 9, 2006 to work on a project "VERY near and dear to (his) heart". [1]
  • Shane has been named studio head of FireSky's Superstition Studios. (He was previously the creative director.) [2]