Cascade Archipelago
Map CascadeArchipelago

Hero Hazard Zone (40-44)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: Sara Moore
Events: none
Exploration Badges: none
Plaques: none
Enemies: Circle of Thorns, Nemesis, Rularuu, Shadow Shard Reflections
Connecting Zones: Firebase Zulu, Chantry
Transits: none
Cascade Archipelago at

Overview Edit

The Cascade Archipelago is a Hazard zone in City of Heroes. A hero needs to be at least level 40 to enter. It is the second of the Shadow Shard zones.

Contacts Edit

Task Force Contacts Edit

Regular Contacts Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Neighborhoods Edit

  • The Air Shoals
  • The Chanting Islands
  • Crimson Falls
  • The Marooned Shores
  • The One-Way Path
  • Tyrant's Rock

Stores Edit

  • Kallarn, a Rularuu Brute that will buy enhancements, but doesn't sell anything.

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Villain Groups Edit

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