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Caze is an NPC in the Breakout tutorial zone of City of Villains. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (-2,140, -160, 757).


After this conversation, find Blake to learn about Enhancements. Angel sent you, eh? Well a lot of folks here are out of practise when it comes to combat. That won't impress anyone at Arachnos, and you'd better impress them if you plan to stick around for long. Sure, they think you're hot stuff now. That wn't last if you can't show them some mad skills.

First off let me explain your health bar. This is the bar in the upper right of your screen that shows you how may hit points you have left.


When the bar is empty you are defeated and will be asked if you want to go to the nearest hospital or infirmary. below the health bar is the Endurance bar. This bar shows how much Endurance you have left to use your powers. Each time you use or maintain a power, it eats up Endurance.If you don't have enough Endurance to activate or keep up your power, you will see the text "Too Tired", and you will have to wait until you have Endurance enough to use your power.

NOTE: If you are a Brute or Dominator Archetype you will have a third bar, a Rage Meter for Brutes and a Domination Meter for Dominators, below your Endurance bar. Check the manual or in game Help files to understand these meters better.

To activate your powers in combat, you simply click the icon in your Power Bar.


If you want to practise using your powers, you can click on any of the police drones behind me to target them, then execute your powers on them. You can open your Powers Window and place new powers in to your Toolbar by clicking the powers button on your Toolbar.


After practising go see my pal Blake and he'll tell you how you can enhance your powers.

Blake is down the hole in this room.