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City Sights is a place on the UK City of Heroes website where Heroes and Villains alike put their best paparazzi shot in and add a silly caption. Heroes and Villains can take pictures by pushing the Print Screen button on their keyboard, and downloading it in the Send Yours section of City Sights. Pictures of interest can be shots of billboards, thugs doing something abnormal, citizens or heroes in strange situations, or even pictures of places like the Terra Volta Reactor. Here are some strategies for good photos:

  1. Think of a good picture. If you can't think of one, just keep reading.
  2. Always be ready to punch the Print Screen button if a picture interests you in the least. You can always delete it later.
  3. Make sure you like the photo. If your picture is a situation, it is best not to have your hero in it if your hero isn't the point of the picture.
  4. Pull up UK City of Heroes and goto Send Yours.
  5. Put your name, file name, and caption to the picture.
  6. Send it off.
  7. Keep checking to see if yours won!