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  • Jordan's Town, A fairly irregularly updated City of Heroes web comic and site full of great guides to various character types. Includes pictures of the powers, slotting and build samples, and sample binds.

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Game Utilities Edit

  • Map Patches replace many in-game maps of city zones and missions with informational icons and text.
  • Other client modifications.
  • Badge Tracking. Manually or automatically enter badges, see which ones you're missing, compare with other players who also use these sites.
  • CityGameTracker(CGT). A program which tracks your characters and online state, keeps it in its own database, and can also import data to City Info Terminal from here. Runs on the same technology as HeroStats.
  • HeroStats. A utility that tracks in-game statistics and that is capable of showing buff timers. Can automatically update the three websites above (CiT, BH, and CGT).
  • Character builder/designer/planners. Create and save character builds, share with others through forum exports or build imports.
    • Mids' Hero Designer. Download-able program. Includes Invention sets for enhancements, and takes those bonuses into account when calculating buffs.
  • PiggViewer, an application that allows extraction of game client files.
  • Game Extractor, a Java application that allows extraction of game client files.

Super/Villain Group SitesEdit

Arachnos Elite
- Strength Through Undying Loyalty - One of the very first Arachnos based villain groups, formed on day one of the CoV headstart. Roleplaying, on Virtue Server
was founded in the spring of 1971 to assist smaller supergroups in the fight against domestic crime.
The Cult of Mu
An ancient magical VG on virtue.
The Dark Blade
on Virtue; mature group that likes to play the darker side of characters.
The Defenders of Paragon
and The Disciples of Power on Infinity; mature, no drama, fun times, period.
Freaks and Geeks
The Freaks and Geeks began as a City of Villains villain group operating from the Rogue Isles located on the Pinnacle Server. Now the group is the #7 Super Group of the Top 100 Super Groups. A second villian group was opened, Freaks and Geeks II and recently we have added a Hero Super Group...Freaks and Geeks Justice. Now we have a home for our members for both their heros and villians characters. All three groups have longterm loyal members and are accepting recruits. New recruits can be of any level and game experience.
Joint Task Force Hero
Military forces deployed in Paragon City.
Justice for All League (JAL)
PVP-oriented supergroup based on Test server, with sister VG Paragon's Most Wanted.
Legion of Catgirls
A feminine, feline SG on several servers.
Meta Forces
Soldiers assisting Supers on the Virtue server.
Paragon City Detective Agency
Close knit group of players discussing the state of the game, trading tips, and generally gabbing. Visitors welcome!
Paragon PD
Protect and Serve with Paragon City's finest.
Paragon Taxi Service
A service-oriented group dedicated to helping the heroes of the city.
Seekers of Intrinity
EU SG on Union Server. Friendly, fun and always active members.
Zero Tolerance
Small top 5 ranked villain group on Justice created October 29, 2005. Thrives on teamwork and dedication.
Zero Tolerance
One of the Top Ranked SG's on Pinnacle.
One of the Top Ranked VG's on Justice. Based primarily in Australia.
The Hellish Crusaders
Located on the Victory server. One of the first, and oldest villain groups on Victory, formed in 2005. Weekly events and meetings and global channels.

These sites are subject to verification and periodic review and may be removed if deemed inactive or inappropriate.

Friend Sites Edit

  • Web browsers
  • Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, defending your digital rights
  • Image editors
    • The Gimp, a powerful and 100% free image editor.
    • Paint.NET, a 'clone' of MSPAINT built on the .NET framework. Also free.
  • Text editors
    • Notepad++, a powerful open source replacement for Notepad.
    • PSPad, another free (but not open source) text editor.