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There are various ways to operate the Game Client on the Apple Macintosh.

Mac Client[]

Main Article: Mac Special Edition

Mac Special Edition was made possible using TransGaming's Cider Portability Engine, which acts as a "wrapper" around the game software, enabling it to run seamlessly on Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X.

November 7, 2008, saw the beginning of the Mac Client's closed beta testing. [1]

Boot Camp[]

Running City of Heroes through Boot Camp is exactly like running it under Windows. Because it is running it under Windows. Boot Camp is Apple's officially supported method of Dual Booting a Mac computer.

Prior to the Mac Game Client, Boot Camp was the preferred method of running City of Heroes as there were no extra emulation layers.

The standard comments about using Windows Vista apply.

After you've installed/patched Windows on your Boot Camp partition, you can copy the client from an existing installation location or DVD, or grab the updater and download the current version.

Read all about the Windows Game Client here.

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Wikipedia:Parallels Desktop for Mac is a piece of Virtualization software. It allows a second "guest" operating system to run along side the main "host" operating system. The later versions includes limited hardware video card support. In Parallels 4, up to 256MB of memory can be set aside just for the emulated video card. Some applications are able to smoothly utilize this video card.

Parallels 3[]

  • 2008-11-20
    Unsuccessful test; graphical issues surrounding the cursor, even in fullscreen mode. Didn't bother entering the game because I couldn't click on things reliably. Wait for the native client. ;-) - @Ex-calibur

Parallels 4[]

  • 2008-11-19
    Unsuccessful test; cursor is somewhat visible, -compatibilecursors helped. However, after selecting a character and clicking "Enter Paragon City", the status bar filled about half way, console claimed the game had finished loading, then program crashed. Wait for the Native Client. - Konoko

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VMWare Fusion[]

Overview of running under VMWare Fusion.

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VMWare Fusion


Overview on running under WINE/Wine.

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Overview on running under CrossOver/CrossOver Gaming.

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