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When you click on one of the wandering civilians in the game, if you're close enough, they'll talk back to you. Often, it is a random phrase, a compliment, or an insult, though sometimes it is a bit of information about a zone or the enemies you'll face. Certain civilians, though will give you very specific pieces of information. Here is a list of what information a civilian who's name begins with the given letter will tell you.

Letter Information
E Current time on the server. This will vary by the server's physical location.
F Paragon City Time
G Total number of heroes in the current zone or "There you are! There's never a hero around when you need one!"
H Civilian says "Isn't (Name of hero in current zone) just the best?"
M Your total hours in game on your current character.
N Civilian says "You've gone on patrol XXX times."
O Civilian says "You've been on patrol for xx minutes today." The time resets with every mission.

At one time, civilians that started with the letter J would inform you how many times you have used a power that day and civilians that started with the letter K would inform you how much damage you have done with a power that day, but this no longer seems to be the case.

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