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Clive Loveking is from the Rescue Clive police band tuner mission.

His faction is Hapless Citizen and he is a Captive.


This hapless citizen is in over his head.


During the rescue
Eagle Enforcer: Shut up! I can't take this anymore!
Clive Loveking: Few can truly understand the preternatural horrors that exist beyond time and space.
Iron Hands: If I just don't listen, the words can't hurt me.
Eagle Enforcer: You! You take him! I can't handle it anymore!
Clive Loveking: Oh, hello there, friend.
Iron Hands: <Hero name>! Oh, sweet oblivion!
Clive Loveking: Alien realms of unnatural geometries ruled by unknown beings.
Iron Hands: That's it.
Clive Loveking: Let me tell you the tale of Arthur Jeremyn and the strange puzzle-box he discovered in an unused hotel one winter...
Iron Hands: Just don't listen. JUST DON'T LISTEN!

Clive Loveking: The 'crazy-creepy guy' act keeps me safer in this city than any lock or security system. Let's get out of here.

When lost
Clive Loveking: A little help here?

At mission end
Clive Loveking: Well, this has been quite a day, hasn't it?


For the literary fans amongst us, Clive Loveking is an homage to the great horror writers, HP Lovecraft, Stephen King and Clive Barker.

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