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Hero Villain
Badge tourist 01.png Exploration V badge TourismBadge.png Exploration
Badge history 01.png History V badge HistoryBadge.png History
Badge stature 01.png Accomplishment V badge StatureBadge1.png Accomplishment
Badge count 10.png Achievement V badge10BadgeBadge.png Achievement
Badge anniversary 1.png Accolades Badge anniversary cov.png Accolades
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Gladiator V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Gladiator
Badge vr months 003.png Veteran Badge vr months 003.png Veteran
BA Vanguard Medal.png Bonuses BA Megalomaniac.png Bonuses
Badge sgitem.png SG Exploration Badge sgitem.png VG Exploration
Badge sgitem.png SG Achievement Badge sgitem.png VG Achievement


Accolades are attained for truly special accomplishments and some grant certain permanent bonuses to a hero's powers.


Badge magus set 01.png Archmage Badge        
Badge respec freedom.png Awarded the Freedom Cross Badge        
Badge anniversary 1.png Celebrant Badge        
Badge crey set 01.png Conspiracy Theorist Badge        
Badge respec statesman.png Earned the Statesman Star Badge        
Badge anniversary 4.png Entertainer Badge        
Badge field crafting.png Field Crafter Badge        
Badge phalanx set 01.png Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        
Badge croatoa geas of the kind ones.png Geas of the Kind Ones Badge        
Badge event HeartOfLightDarkness.png Heart of Light Badge        
Badge holiday05 present.png Holiday Spirit Badge        
Badge holiday05 jetpack.png Longbow Reservist Badge        
Badge anniversary 3.png Merrymaker Badge        
Badge Pocket D VIP.png Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member Badge        
Badge dimensional set 01.png Portal Jockey Badge        
Badge anniversary cov.png Pursuer Badge        
Badge atlas set 01.png Received the Atlas Medallion Badge        
Badge respec stalwart.png Received the Stalwart Medallion Badge        
Badge anniversary 2.png Reveler Badge        
Badge SafeG StoutHearted.png Stouthearted Badge        
Badge task force set 01.png Task Force Commander Badge        
Badge croatoa x times the victor.png Ten Times the Victor Badge        
Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector Badge        
Badge rikti war set 01.png Vanguard Badge        
Badge DVD.png V.I.P. Badge        
Badge event rikti invasion.png Watchman        

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