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Comatorium belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. Despite his strong, brutish overall looking, he appears to be a ranged fighter, an Energy Corruptor.

Heroes may face him in Safeguard Missions:

  • At the bank of the Atlas Park Safeguard Mission, where he will be trying to rob it.
  • In the jail of the Atlas Park Safeguard Mission, where the Vahzilok will try to free him.


A shut in for most of his life, Comatorium went crazy when his appartment burnt down with his mother in it. He made the decision after the fire that everyone around him had to pay for his loss.


During the Bank heist:

Robbing the bank: Plutonium or nerve gas? Which will kill the most filthy humans?

Agroed: I'll start paring off the population with you!

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