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BI Combined Power And Control Unit

Tech Combo Unit

This item is generally purchased to power a Base when a SG has very few members and not a lot of Prestige. The look of the Combo Power and Control unit varies depending on the origin and can be purchased for either Tech or Arcane styled Bases.

This item can only be placed in an Oversight Center. It is flagged by the game as a 'Start Up' item and not main control. This is partially due to the fact that it is both power and control, and partially to restrict its use. A base may only have one Oversight Center, and an Oversight Center only permits one of these units to be installed in it.


A small generator and laptop computer. Just enough power and control to get a small base up and running.

Please note that at this time both tech and mystic models share the tech's description

Additional Information[]

Base Element Type Startup
Price 25,000 prestige
Power Produced 125
Control Produced 75
Crafted at Not Crafted
Maximum Connections none

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