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Overview Edit

Components are crafted from salvage using base workshop tables. In turn, Components are used to craft items for your base, or to give characters temporary power buffs. Components come in Arcane and Tech varieties, each consisting of 6 items divided into 3 Tiers with increasing rarity of salvage needed to create them.

Arcane A Arcane B Tech A Tech B
Tier 1 (Basic) Mystic Element Mystic Foci Tech Material Tech Power
Tier 2 (Advanced) Arcane Glyph Arcane Essence Tech Hardware Tech Prototype
Tier 3 (Expert) Magical Ward Magical Artifact Experimental Tech Tech Software

Crafting Edit

Component crafting can be done using workshop base items, as follows:

  • Arcane Empowerment Stations can convert Arcane Base Salvage into all Tiers of Arcane Components.
  • Tech Empowerment Stations can convert Tech Base Salvage into all Tiers of Tech Components.
  • The Invention Worktable can convert matching sets of 6 common, 4 uncommon, or 2 rare Invention Salvage into corresponding Components (Arcane or Tech). Low, middle, and high level salvage items convert into Tier 1, 2, and 3 components, respectively.
  • Base Worktables can only convert base salvage into Components that match both their origin and Tier. For example, the Expert Forge may produce Tier 3 Arcane Components.

Arcane Components Edit

Arcane components are generally only compatible with other arcane items.

Mystic Element Edit

Salvage MysticElement

Main Article: Mystic Element

Arcane Component, Tier 1 (Basic)

This substance is not of this world.

Mystic Foci Edit

Salvage MysticFoci

Main Article: Mystic Foci

Arcane Component, Tier 1 (Basic)

The very air around this vibrates with power.

Arcane Essence Edit

Salvage ArcaneEssence

Main Article: Arcane Essence

Arcane Component, Tier 2 (Advanced)

This reeks of mystic power.

Arcane Glyph Edit

Salvage ArcaneGlyph

Main Article: Arcane Glyph

Arcane Component, Tier 2 (Advanced)

Magical energy is locked in the twisting curves of the symbol.

Magical Artifact Edit

Salvage MagicalArtifact

Main Article: Magical Artifact

Arcane Component, Tier 3 (Expert)

The magical properties of this artifact are as yet untested, but should prove significant.

Magical Ward Edit

Salvage MagicalWard

Main Article: Magical Ward

Arcane Component, Tier 3 (Expert)

Powerful spells were necessary to create this ward.

Technological Components Edit

Tech components are generally only compatible with other tech items.

Tech Material Edit

Salvage TechMaterial

Main Article: Tech Material

Technological Component, Tier 1 (Basic)

This material has been engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, a useful property for base items.

Tech Power Edit

Salvage TechPower

Main Article: Tech Power

Technological Component, Tier 1 (Basic)

This is a highly advanced power circuit, far more efficient that even the best commercial models.

Tech Hardware Edit

Salvage TechHardwareold

Main Article: Tech Hardware

Technological Component, Tier 2 (Advanced)

It takes a degree of skill to build such advanced equipment.

Tech Prototype Edit

Salvage TechPrototype

Main Article: Tech Prototype

Technological Component, Tier 2 (Advanced)

If everything has been engineered properly, this prototype will work flawlessly.

Experimental Tech Edit

Salvage ExperimentalTech

Main Article: Experimental Tech

Technological Component, Tier 3 (Expert)

These hardware utilizes some very advanced and untested theories.

Tech Software Edit

Salvage TechSoftware

Main Article: Tech Software

Technological Component, Tier 3 (Expert)

All the hardware in the world is useless without good code.

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