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Contact Window

The Contact Window may be opened either by clicking on "Contact" in the Nav Window or selecting "Contact" from the Menu Window.

This window displays a list of all of the contacts you have been introduced to. Each contact in your list will have a picture on the left side of their entry. To the right of the picture will be the name of the contact, the contact's location, and a bar indicating how well you know this contact. Every time you complete a mission for a contact, the bar will fill a little. When you reach a certain level of familiarity with a contact, a "Call" button will appear to the right of the contact's information. Once this button appears, you may speak with this contact from any zone map by clicking on the "Call" button.

If you have an active mission from any contacts, the mission will be shown below the contact's level of familiarity. If you have opened a contact's story arc, a small book icon will be displayed to the right of the contact's name and location.

Most of the time, the contacts in this window will appear in the order in which they were first introduced to you. Newer contacts will appear at the top of your list and older contacts will appear at the bottom of your list. As an exception to this, any contact with whom you currently have a mission active will be pushed to the top of your contact list.

Clicking on any contact in your list will select them as a waypoint in your Nav Window.

After the first time a hero visits a detective, they will be able to use the police band radio. When a villain first visits a broker, they will gain access to the Rogue Isle Protector. The police band radio/Rogue Isle Protector will appear at the top of the contact list. You may then click on the radio or newspaper to pick up missions in any zone appropriate to your level. Each of these missions will fill the familiarity bar of that zone's detective or broker. Once the bar is full, you will have to speak directly to the detective/broker to obtain a safeguard or mayhem mission and clear the detective's/broker's familiarity bar so that you can begin filling it in again.