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Crab Spider Assault Leader


Crab Spider Assault Leader is a NPC ally you can find during the mission Provide relief against Wailers from Hardcase (CoV, levels 35 - 40). He is the leader of the failed assault on the Wailers of the Hard Way. He will be fighting a Wailer King when you find him first, and must be freed so he can help you.
Once free, he will follow you and will attack any Wailer in his aggro range. If your char is one of those stealthy types, free him last.

During my mission, the Crab Spider Assault leader had slightly less hit points that a Lieutenant of the same level.

I have no idea if the mission would fail if he'd be defeated. Anyways, he seemed fairly strong and never was in any danger.


During the mission he will say the following:

Fighting Wailers: Die, demon scum!
Aggroed: Villain! Give me a hand here!
Freed: We've got to locate the other squads, Villain!


Crab Spiders function much like SWAT teams in other cities, and are dispatched to deal with high-level threaths like super-types. They're equiped with full body armor, larger weapons and a set of mechanical spider arms that turn them into death-dealing machines.


During my mission, he used the Crab Spider Webmaster typical attacks attacks: