Crey's Folly
Map CreysFolley

Hero Hazard Zone (31-39)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Jurassik
Exploration Badges: Crey Watcher, Burning the Midnight Oil
Plaques: Savant IIIII
Enemies: Crey, Devouring Earth, Freakshow, Nemesis, Rikti
Connecting Zones: Brickstown
Transits: none
Crey's Folly at

Overview Edit

Crey's Folly is a Hazard zone in CoH. A hero needs to be at least level 30 to enter.

Zone Events Edit

Jurassik can occasionally be found here.

Neighborhoods Edit

  • The Blight
  • Carnival Town
  • The Circus
  • Crey Factories
  • Paragon Water Works
  • Portal Industries
  • Tangle Town

Exploration Badges Edit

Badge tourist 01 Crey Watcher

Crey's defensive measures against the Rikti brought about an environmental nightmare in this area, turning the neighborhood once called 'Venice' into 'Crey's Folly.'

Badge tourist 01 Burning the Midnight Oil

The United States once held their oil reserves in Paragon City, until the reserves became an attractive target for villains trying to make names for themselves.

Historical Plaques Edit

Transfer Points Edit

  • There is a gate along the wall of the zone that lead to Brickstown.
  • The Crey's Folly Beacon location is (5497, 0, 2420), on the steet, halfway between the Portal Industries marker and the Tangle Town marker.

Villain Groups Edit

Notes Edit

  • Crey's Folly was named in a pre-launch contest.[1]
  • The original in-game name of the zone is Venice, named after canals created to carry industrial waste.[2]

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