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Cryptic Studios was founded in 2000 and is based in Los Gatos, California. It was founded by Michael Lewis, Rick Dakan, Bruce Rogers, and Jack Emmert. Cryptic launched City of Heroes on April 27th, 2004 and then City of Villains on October 31, 2005. They are currently developing Champions Online, slated for release in 2009 [1], as well as Star Trek Online and other unannounced titles.

Origin of the Name[]

Rick Dakan and Jack Emmert wanted to name the company Crypteia. The Crypteia were Spartan Warriors that preyed on the Helots, ancient Sparta's slave population. [1] Bruce Rogers thought it was too cryptic and suggested that their new company be called Cryptic Studios. [2]


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Management Team[]

Michael Lewis, Bruce Rogers, Jack Emmert, Matt Harvey, Craig Zinkievich

Design Department[]

Jack Emmert, Al Rivera, Sean Michael Fish, Matthew Miller, Craig Zinkievich, Michael Lewis, Melissa Bianco, Brian Gilmore, E.J. Nelson, David Wood, Jane Kalmes, Thomas Foss, David Cook, Shane Lacy Hensley, Floyd Grubb, Josh Ferguson, Nelli Hughes, Randy William, Randy Mosiondz, Zeke Sparkes, John Yoo, Joe Morrissey

Programming Department[]

Bruce Rogers, Shannon Posniewski, Matt Woomer, Martin Simpson, C.W. Bennett, Mark Kalmes, Jimb Esser, Michael Parent, Jonathan Shieh, Jered Windshemier, Vince D'Amelio, Conor Dickinson, Raoul van Prooijen, Jonathan Wills, Aaron Brady, Lincoln Hamilton, Sam Thompson, Ben Zeigler, Brett Harris

Art Department[]

Matt Harvey, Steve Stacy, Jeremy Mattson, Chris Sutton, Chris Chamberlain, Nate Stephens, Jeff Jenkins, Ian Casteneda, Doug Gaston, Kirk Young, Ryan Roth, Ryan Butts, Mike Apolis, Ocala Bellows, Avery Wong, Mark Damico, Christopher Luckenbach, Jay Doherty, Ken Morse, Brian Wyser, Louise Bell, Duncan Kay, Davis Renshaw, Neil Melville, Nick Duguid, Shayne Herrera

Sound and Music Department[]

Michael Henry, Joe Lyford

Design Support Department[]

Geoff Tuffli, Rob Overmeyer, Ray Snyder

Production Department[]

Craig Zinkievich, Serdar Copur, Richard Higbee, Anthony Grandlich


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