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A super group created as part of the issue 4 arena testing on (date here..) and later, had a subbranch named "Cuppa Clones Espresso League" created on April 20, 2005 due to two leaders in the first not logging in for the second event and taking up valuable room needed for active testers.

This Super group is notable in three ways. First, it is one of a very few super goups created and used by a developer or community rep for official purposes. Secondly, it was the personal SG of CuppaJo, City of Heroes longest lasting Community Representative. The last reason is that unlike the other #here groups created for this event, both versions of this group are still around on test server, and have been continuously used for testing with all issues since 4 (with the exception of issue 6, which had no normal Test Server testing).

Cuppa Clones[]

Leaders: CuppaJo, Name, Name..
Recorded Members:Sleepy Kitty,Coffeecat, .... (need to check photo list, LoC has partial roster..)

Cuppa Clones Espresso League[]

Leaders: CuppaJo, Sleepy Kitty, Name..
Recorded Members: (see above)

(>< need to pester a few long term players about more info, Pennelope, Stargazer, Catawhoorg and a few others where also at at least one of the events, may have sg rosters and more info)

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