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Damage The occurrence of a change for the worse.

  1. A value, in Hit Points, that directly reduces the Hit Point total of a target.

Varieties of damage:

blunt force attacks. Typified by Brawl and other body-part attacks (kicks, punches, etc).
piercing or cutting attacks. Typified by many weapon based attacks.
an attack employing radical increase of temperature. Often associated with damage-over-time effects.
an attack employing radical decrease in temperature. Often associated with slowing of attack and/or movement rate.
an attack utilizing raw energy or an energy transfer. Often associated with either knockback/Knockdown or Endurance Drain effects.
Negative Energy
an attack of anti-energy, often drawn from the netherworld. Power Sets that deliver Negative Energy are often termed 'Dark'. Often associated with reduced Accuracy.
an attack upon the mind. Characterized by the typical weakness of the attack, but the almost complete absence of defenses against it.
poisonous attacks. The nature of toxins may be either biological or chemical. Toxic damage is unique in the respect that the game mechanics do not allow for any form of defense, so all damage mitigation for toxic attacks is resistance based.
unique to Hamidon. These attacks can not be evaded and may only be resisted through use of Essence of the Earth inspirations.
damage effects that do not fit into any other category. These damage types may not be defended against or resisted in any way.